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doobi Casuals

This service is for our basics that require washing & folding.
Fill a bag with anything that requires washing and folding.
Gym Clothes
Wash Type
Regular Wash
Drying Method
Tubmle Dry
Regular Fold

doobi Delicates

This service is for our delicates that need extra love.
Fill a bag with clothes that require cleaning, pressing & hanging.
Thob & Abaya
Dresses & Skirts
Wash Type
Regular Wash or Dry Clean
Drying Method
Tubmle Dry or Air Dry
Press & Hang

doobi Home

Keep your heavy laundry on us & we will return them smelling like home.
All your beddings, towels & other linens.
Pillow Cases
Wash Type
Regular Wash
Drying Method
Tubmle Dry
Regular Fold

doobi Shoes

This service is for cleaning shoes of all types &colors, we don’t discriminate!
Fill a bag with one pair of your choice.
High Heels
Full interior & exterior
Drying Method
Air dried, sanitized & deodorized
Sealed in a new bag

doobi Press

This is for your pre-washed items, we will return them pressed to perfection.
Anything you’d like.
Thob & Abaya
Dresses & Skirts
Press & Hang

doobi Per Item

Each item will be charged separately!
Choose item you wish to clean and press.
Home linens
Wash Type
Regular Wash or Dry Clean
Drying Method
Tubmle Dry or Air Dry
Press & Hang

Simple. Affordable. Convenient.

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Popular questions - extended answers

Getting Started

What is doobi?

We make laundry easy, literally. Think of us as your laundry assistant, we take care of everything and help you focus your time on what matters most.

Why doobi?

From our intuitive customer journey to our unmatched technology, our platform is designed to provide a fun and easy laundry experience. Simply, pick a plan, fill a bag and leave the rest to us!

Do you have a retail store?

No, we are a purely digital platform. (Hint: we come to you!)

How do I get started?

Download our app, register and schedule your first pickup!

How it works

When will I receive the welcome kit?

The welcome kit can be scheduled to be delivered at your request or at the time of your first order. The driver will deliver your welcome kit and wait until you fill your bags.

How can I get extra bags?

Extra bags can be ordered through the app when placing an order.

Can I use one bag for multiple services?

Each colored bag serves a unique purpose, as seen in our services section.

Does the bag have to be full?

You can fill the bag as much as you choose, the price will be standard for each bag.

What if I use the wrong bag?

The bag will be returned to you along with the correct bag according to your order. The driver will wait until you are done.

What happens if I misplace an item in a bag?

Our laundry experts will place them in a separate sealed bag and it will be returned to you at the time of delivery.

How many bags do I receive?

The welcome kit consists of 8 bags, 2 of each. Extra bags can be provided upon request free of charge.

doobi Bonus

What is doobi Bonus?

doobi Bonus is our referral program, which you can refer a friend to register on our app and they get BHD 2 upon registering & you get BHD 2 for every friend that joins and places their 1st order.

Where Can I access the doobi Bonus?

1. Go to “profile” on our app below

2.Click on doobi Bonus

3.You’ll find your unique referral code, you can share it by either sending a message through “invite your friends” box or by just copying the code in a small box to share with your friend.

4.Your friend will enter the code upon registering

Can I receive the 2BHD if the person I referred only registered?

Nope, the referred person must place an order for you to also get the 2 BHD.

Is there a limit to the amount of people I can refer?

There’s no limit, you can share the doobi love with as much people as you’d like!

Does the 2BHD credit expire within a specific time?

We offer per bag or subscription.

Can I track the status of my shared referrals?

1. Yes, Go to “profile” on our app below

2. Click on doobi bonus, you’ll find the stats and bonus in the bottom section of the page, you can track how many friends you referred that ordered and that still didn’t order. Your referral credits will also show below

doobi Wallet

What is doobi Wallet ?

it's a digital wallet that you can deposit your money in the app to use it directly for your orders.

How can I top up my doobi Wallet?

1. Go to “profile” on our app below

2. Click on doobi wallet

3. Click on the “top up” button

4. Choose your payment method

Can I retrieve my money after depositing in the doobi Wallet?

Once you deposit the money in doobi wallet, we can’t send it back, however you can use it for your next orders.

What if the money in the doobi Wallet was not enough to cover the full amount of the order?

You can always add an additional payment method with your doobi wallet, for example, click on doobi wallet to use the amount you’d like, then click on benefit to pay the remaining sum.

When I cancel an order, how will I get my refund?

Once you cancel an order, it will go directly to your doobi Wallet to use ityou’re your future orders!

Does the money in doobi Wallet have an expiration date?

The money you deposit in doobi wallet does not have a limited time and can be used whenever you’d like.

Laundry Services

Do you offer different payment plans?

We offer per bag or subscription.

How do I place an order?

Launch the app and click on the “New order” tab

What are the differences between your services/bags?

We’ve divided our laundry services into four categories:

  • doobi Casuals
    This service is ideal for your daily wear that only require washing, no pressing. We promise to return them to you neatly folded!
  • doobi Delicates
    This service is ideal for your delicates that need extra love! Your clothes are cleaned, crisply pressed, put-on hangers, and placed in your protective garment bag ready to wear.
  • doobi Home
    This service is for all your beddings, towels and other linens! Your items are cleaned, perfectly pressed and neatly folded.

    P.S. We return them smelling like home
  • doobi Press
    This service is for your clean pieces only! We will return them crisply pressed and put-on hangers.

What if I add a wrong item to the bag?

Our team will always inspect and re-sort items if required, prior to cleaning. For example, if you add bed linens to the doobi Casuals bag, our experts will place these items under doobi Home and your items will be priced accordingly.

For doobi Delicates and doobi Home I see multiple wash types, how do I decide what type of wash?

How do I decide what item to be put in which bag?
It’s simple! We’ve added clear instructions on the bags and in the app (click on “Services” tab).
Ps. Look at the type of finishing on each bag. This is another trick ;)!

How can I specify or highlight an item that needs extra care?

When placing your order, click on special instructions > Special attention. Here you can take a photo of the item, add your special request.

Can all types of stains be removed?

Our team of laundry experts will utilize the maximum care and processes to ensure all removable stains can be removed. If we are not able to remove the stain due to permanent damage, we will notify you accordingly. All in all, we promise to do our best!

Do you offer express service?

Stay tuned for our upcoming express service. Here we will pick up your laundry and return them in as little as 3 hours!

How can I cancel my order?

On the homepage, click on the orders tab > current order > cancel order. Note that you can only cancel the order up to 3 hours prior to the pickup slot.

Shoe Service

What is doobi Shoes?  

doobi Shoes is our Shoe cleaning service, it includes shoes of all types & color, we don’t discriminate! 

How many shoes Can I fit in the bag? 

The shoe bag fits only 1 pair of shoes of your choice.  

What’s the service price? 

You pay 5BHD for 1 pair of shoes from any type, the price is always the same .

What type of shoe can I add? 

The cleaning service includes all types of shoes ,whether it’s a leather loafer or a velvet high heel, we've got you covered. 

What’s the turnaround time?

You will receive your clean shoes within 3 days from pickup.

How will I get my shoes back? 

You’ll get your Shoes back in a new doobi bag that you can use for your next order.

Can I order a laundry bag & shoe bag in the same order?

Yes! However bear in mind that the turnaround for shoes is slightly longer. We can always split your deliveries if you’d like.

Does the first order discount include Shoes’ service?  

Yes! The first order discount applies to all our services, so make sure to use the code  Getdoobi 

Does the PRO subscription include Shoes? 

Yes! The first order discount applies to all our services, so make sure to use the code  Getdoobi 

doobi PRO

What is doobi PRO?

doobi pro is your premium access to doobi features that will level up your laundry experience that much more, you'll have:

Unlimited 20% off all orders
Free Delivery
Priority next day delivery
Exclusive doobi scents  
Scheduling your monthly laundry

What are the prices of doobi PRO?

The prices vary based on the plan you choose it’s 7 BHD for the one-month membership or 70 BHD for 1 year which saves you 14 BHD from its original price

Which services does the discount include?

The 20% discount includes all the doobi services and bag sizes!

How can I become a doobi pro member?

Click on the doobi pro banner on the homepage (you can also find it on the profile page)

Select your suitable plan whether it’s on a monthly or yearly basis

Then just select your payment method and just like that your became a doobi PRO

Will you have more benefits?

Absolutely! it only gets better from here, stay tuned for more awesome features too

Can I cancel & refund my pro membership?

No, pro membership fees are non-refundable.

Pickup and Delivery

What if my collection and delivery addresses are different?

Easy! you can enter a separate delivery and pick up address during the order process.

What is the turnaround time?

Up to 48 hours.

Can I change the collection or delivery times?

Yes, simply click on the orders tab > current order > view more > date and time. Note that you can change the time up to 3 hour prior to the collection or delivery slot.

Can I change the collection or delivery address?

Yes, simply click on the orders tab > current order > view more > change the delivery address. Note that you can change the address up to 3 hour prior to the collection or delivery slot.

Do you store information about past orders?

Of course! This includes all information related to your order. To view your past orders, click on the “orders” tab > “past order” tab and voila!

The collection/delivery slot is greyed out. Why is this?

Greyed out slots indicate unavailability, you may pick form any other available slot that suits you.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee will be BHD 0.800.

How does the delivery fee affect bigger loads of orders?

Great News! You won't be charged a delivery fee if your order is over BHD 10. So for bigger laundry loads, you can still enjoy free delivery.


What are the available payment methods?

We offer you a variety of options such a Credit Card payment, Debit Card payment (Benefit) and Apple Pay for iOS users.

Can I pay with Cash or BenefitPay?

Unfortunately, No. All payments are made directly through the app

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum charge is BHD 5. Should you decide to purchase a service that costs less than BHD 5, you will still be able to proceed with the order by paying the minimum charge.

Note: This is also visible while placing the order.

How do I refer a friend to receive discount?

In “profile”, click on “doobi bonus” > Share your promo link with your friends. There’s a 10% discount for every friend that joins.

The best part is you get a 10% discount for every friend that joins!