We make laundry easy, literally.

Our Story

From our intuitive customer journey to our unmatched technology, our platform is designed to provide a fun and easy laundry experience.

Inspired by a bold ambition to challenge the status quo. Through technology and innovation, we aim to pioneer customer centricity and excitement in a traditional industry.
Designed to be playful and dynamic, for a service that is as simple, modern and tech savvy, just like our customers.
With a single tap, doobi delivers happiness one bag at a time!
Built on the back of data, analytics and AI, doobi provides unrivaled customer experience.

Our Team

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Our Values

We value teamwork

“we”, “us” and “team”. That’s how we work.

We are customer centric

Everything we do, revolves around people, experiences, and lifestyles. We exist because of our customers, and our objective is the customer.

We dream big

With doobi, anything is possible. Innovation is at the core of what we do. Innovation doesn’t stop, and we won’t either.

We take ownership

We do our best even when no one is looking. We are all part of doobi and we are all responsible for each other’s success.

We make an impact

In all that we do, we leave a positive impact. In a gentle way, we shake the world!

We keep it simple

We focus on what matters! Simplicity is what drives our way of thinking.

Where's doobi?

Here's our roadmap
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